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For a time (1969-1971) Wax was the hottest band in Philly, performing a unique blend of art rock, blues, and jazz, that was complex and intelligent yet driving and catchy. The album they began recording in 1971 was never finished due to financial difficulties at their label--and the disappointment eventually caused the group to disband. Shortly before the unanticipated break-up, Wax managers John Kalodner and Bill Sisca arranged a two hour live studio recording session in New York to tape the best of the band's considerable repertoire, and n a burst of creative brilliance fueled by passion and unstoppable enthusiasm, a noteworthy album was recorded live from beginning to end, with neither overdubs nor post-production mixing. For nearly forty years the tape sat in Kalodner’s personal collection, and was recently rediscovered and restored. The musicianship, singing, and unique creative sound of Wax, at their “live” finest, may finally be heard on their long-overdue debut.

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