Larry Magid, Electric Factory:

"WAX was a solid group..perhaps a little ahead of their time. I loved the musicianship and the earnestness of the group..Plus you were fun to hang with!"

Lloyd Zane Remick, internationally known entertainment attorney and manager:

.."So WAX is a group of guys coming out of the University of Pennsylvania in the late 60's when I'm a young attorney, and their music is vibrant, full of energy and ahead of its time. What impresses me the most is the camaraderie, friendship, and intelligence of the members and those around the group."  Click for Full Text


Arnie Holland, President, Lightyear Entertainment:

"I was a musician in high school. I played in two bands, simultaneously. Music was so important to me, it was a cornerstone of my life. But when I got to college I met some guys that were so much better than me, I gave up performing and just watched, amazed, as they kept getting better and better."  Click for Full Text


David Capps (Cassidy), WMMR disc jockey:

"I can't say how wonderful it is to see this revival taking shape. The old stuff sounds  as fresh and contemporary as ever. I cannot wait to hear the remastered cuts. I think of all of you more often than you'd realize."


Geoff Ginsberg, Pennsylvania Gazette:

"A Unique blend of musicians that adds up to something wholly original--progressive, yet very organic. It took 40 years, but WAX has finally melted!"


Bill Sisca, WAX’s manager:

"JDK came to me to help him manage and develop a new band from Penn.  It was 1969; I had only known John David Kalodner for 6 months.  He was 18 at the time, and a customer of my record store, HASSLE RECORDS, near 20th and Sansom, in Philly."  Click for Full Text