We played many gigs.  We recorded at great studios.  We met people like John Lennon, recording in an adjacent studio.  We were just kids really.  Maybe we were young men, but we were doing everything for the first time and that is what made the experience so terrific.  Can you imagine creating music and entering the music business when artists like Janis, Hendrix, The Band, Taj, The Stones and countless others were just starting out?  It was pop music history let alone the best days of Rock and Roll. The characters, the events are too much to explain here.  I grew up in South Philly, and the local music scene was populated with street-connected wise guys.  We had an agent we called Joe Bag-o-Donutz.  Listen carefully and you’ll find him in WAX’s music. 

It was a great time to be alive. 

I love music and I was surrounded by the best of it.  This was all happening at a moment in our lives when we were forming as individuals, as our own selves. It is a wonderful thing to resurrect this music and the era that enveloped it.  The music WAX created was perhaps more than the musicianship should have been able to pull off.  The combination of talent created something beyond the sum of parts.  Listen to it; enjoy timeless, great music.

One thing about everyone involved back then…we were all very driven to succeed.  And so we did.


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